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With the new presidential election results there are many who are reviewing existing and new laws that exist or are coming into affect on people across the country. There are different laws affecting different people. We have federal law that covers the population of the whole United States. We have state laws that would affect all the people in a certain state. We have county laws that include enforcing laws against the people who live or are in a particular county. We can break it down further to city and municipal ordinances that cover the people that live, exist or are passing through a certain city or municipality.

In Texas there are certain Federal laws that affect people in the state such as immigration laws. People in Texas illegally can be deported by federal agents that catch them. This is not necessarily an action that state or local law enforcement can or will get involved in. The Texas state officials are expected to participate in assisting when needed but do not always do so. In 2017 immigration agents have conducted raids in certain cities to catch and detain illegal immigrants. This has been a result of certain orders passed by President Trump since taking office.

In Texas, there have been the usual amount of laws passed every 2 years when the legislature meets. Specifically in Williamson County, Texas the criminal laws enforce what the state legislature dictates. There may be some additional local law or ordinances that are enforced by the county as well. People may find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney Georgetown Tx to satisfy their needs or a family member’s immediate requirements to get out of jail. Many opinions vary, but it is general knowledge that people with defense lawyer fare much better than those defending themselves at the local or any legal level.